Saint Patrick’s Day

March 16th, 2012 by in Beer Culture, Walt Disney World Locations

Saint Patrick’s day is tomorrow, Saturday, May 17, and friends, we need to talk. Not about wearing green or not, but about the massive disrespect that goes on as far as drinking beer goes on this Irish holiday.

For the love of all that is holy, do not dye Bud Light (or insert any other American lager here) green and drink it and say you’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. This is how Budweiser/Coors/Miller/etc. try to insert themselves into a celebration of Irish heritage.

Instead, drink some Irish beer. The Irish are pretty good at brewing beer. You may have heard of their most famous beer, Guinness. I know, NBD. The Irish even have their own style of beer: Irish red ale. Smithwick’s is a common example of an Irish red ale. Killian’s Irish Red and Murphy’s Red Creamy Irish Ale are two other good examples.

If you happen to be in Walt Disney World, Gerard Walen from Beer in Florida has suggestions on where you should go to celebrate that I largely agree with. It’s important to note that Raglan Road will have a $10 cover charge for Saint Patrick’s Day. If Rose and Crown is too crowded, the Yorkshire County Fish Shop next door in the UK pavilion also serves beer. Also, Big River Grille and Brewing Works is serving a seasonal Irish Red Lager that Eating WDW recently reviewed.

To summarize: enjoy yourself on Saint Patrick’s Day, don’t drink green beer, and if you’re in WDW there are places for you to celebrate. Savvy?

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