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March 10th, 2012 by in Beer Culture, Other Beer Reviews

Irish Coffee Stout

Mug o' Stout

Stillwater, Minnesota is a small historic town on the river near the Minnesota and Wisconsin border. Stillwater has its reputation of having a great line up of eating establishments near the river. On March 10th Lift Bridge brewery, Stillwater’s first brewery since prohibition held a release event for their new Irish Coffee Stout.


Irish Coffee Stout

The Irish Coffee Stout is a blend of their Imperial Stout after it has been aged in whiskey barrels with a big Milk Stout, and then infused with cold-pressed coffee.

while sitting by the bar for most of the time we were there I took notice that the Irish Coffee Stout kegs were being swapped out quite frequently. So I can tell I wasn’t the only one that was enjoying the special release honoree.

One of the first things I like to say while enjoying a coffee infused beer is that I don’t drink coffee, I don’t even enjoy coffee. I should note that I’m starting to enjoy espresso drinks, but I usually order something that has more flavoring or sweeteners to cover the espresso.

While tasting this beer I noticed the coffee flavor was a bit more prominent when the beer is served colder. It wasn’t until later in the evening when the beer was being poured from pitchers was I able to draw out more of the whiskey barrel flavors.

The coffee flavor was just about strong enough that you could almost mistake if you’re drinking a beer or a coffee. So take note, if you like your buzz in the morning serve almost ice cold. When you’re finished with your meal and and want to sip on a whiskey, then serve this warmer.

The fun of going to the brewery when the tap room is open is that they have a tongue in cheek way in referring to their blending of beers for serving. For instance that night we were ordering “Irish Girls on Top”. This was a blend of the Irish Coffee Stout and the Farm Girl Saison. Needless to say ordering that would get a few smiles.

On that note, it’s getting late and I just wanted make sure I got the Kudos out there for another great beer from a small brewery that I hope gets more attention and favor with the beer geeks out there.

Lift Bridge

Full Mug o' Stout

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