Big River Beer Tasting

June 11th, 2012 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

I’m pretty positive before this blog you didn’t really think of Walt Disney World as a place for the beer lover. Alas, now that I pay more attention, try new options and keep up with all these posts, I’m kind of thinking maybe it is!

On the Boardwalk..

There is an actual running brewery called the Big River Grille (Brewery)  and I ventured in there one rainy, humid night in May for an evening of laughs, good nachos and some good brews!

After I managed to hoist myself up onto the bar stool (okay, is it just me or are bar stools simply not made for shawtys?!), I was given a place mat with the different brew options available. They ranged from a Bud Light type beer all the way to my favorite, the red!

The listing of beers included:

  • The Southern Flyer Light Lager
  • The Gadzooks Pilsner
  • The Steamboat Pale Ale
  • The Rocket Red Ale

Let the tasting begin!

These ranged from light to dark, from not hoppy to Peter Rabbit hops and from BLAHHHHHH to “get in my lil’ tummy”!

The Southern Flyer and Gadzooks were Bud and Miller light-eqsue and I couldn’t even finish my little sample. I loved the Steamboat and the Rocket Red and I’ll do separate reviews for those. This is about the tasting people!

You are supposed to have 6 options for $15, however, two beers were not in. The bartender took pity on us alcoholics, so he gave us another sample of the Rocket Red each. The tasting is only worth it if you love tasting! If not, you are going to be wasting beer. I felt like I was, because I didn’t like the first two, but it was a good experience.

Things of course get a little silly after all those yummy hops.

Including watching YouTube videos at the bar.

But that is what great nights are all about! Laughs and memories and amazing times. And beer!

I was also informed Big River does brewery tours every day at 4pm. I’d LOVE to check one of these out! Have you been to Big River? So let me know what you think. I mean, I just met you and this may sound crazy, but you have my Twitter , so tweet me maybe.

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