River Roost Lounge at Port Orleans Riverside

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After Chef Mickey’s we came back to Port Orleans – Riverside to get the kids settled into bed. However, there were additional matters to take care of on our first night in the World.

A couple of weeks prior to our trip, my sister’s boyfriend decided he would propose on the trip, and the first step in all of this was asking for permission from our father. To keep up the ruse (even though I think my sister ended up already being asleep by this point), the plan was for me to go with them to get a drink. My thought was to go to French Quarter’s Scat Cat’s Club because I knew something along these lines would be happening in River Roost on a Sunday night.

However, I was overruled since we were getting up early to go to the Magic Kingdom the next morning and we went to River Roost. There was a good crowd, but I didn’t think it was packed. Sure enough, Yehaa Bob Jackson, his piano, and his bugle were entertaining the patrons.

We sat down at a table on the side of the bar somewhat near the lobby; I found the service to be a bit slow as we sat there for a good 10-15 minutes before anyone came by to take our drink orders. I had an Abita Turbodog, while Dad had an Abita Amber. The Turbodog was great; however, the Disney bar and table service standard pour seems to be to pour a beer with as little head as possible into a chilled glass. This may be how the Bud Light crowd prefers beer to be served, but personally I’d like to see a bit of head on the beer and I really don’t need the chilled glass.

(L to R) Abita Turbodog, Abita Amber

(L to R) Abita Turbodog, Abita Amber

Everything went well with the whole asking permission thing and we went over the plans for how this was going to go down (I’ll save that for later, but to the right of the Amber is the crystal slipper the ring was to be put into). Then we sat for a while, talked, sipped our drinks, and watched Yehaa Bob. We took some pictures of the ring in the lobby (which I don’t think my sister would want posted here so I’ll leave them out) and started heading back to the room.

Riverside is a beautiful resort at all times of the day, but the main building really shines at night! I only got a couple of pictures though because it started raining as we were walking back and some drops got on my lens that needed to be cleaned off.


The next morning, we were on our way to the Magic Kingdom bright and early! Here are some pictures from the morning; it must have been an exciting morning for the kids because all three fell asleep on the bus back to Riverside after lunch at Columbia Harbor House.

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