Karbach Brewing Co. Roll in the Hay

July 1st, 2013 by in Other Beer Reviews

Just released from Karbach Brewing Co. is Roll in the Hay! Karbach took their delicious Barn Burner Saison (I first tried it at Houston Beer Fest 2012) and aged it in chardonnay barrels (something our new sister site might be more familiar with) for about 6 months.


Ardent followers of Karbach may have noticed that Roll in the Hay is labeled F.U.N. Series #004; however, a couple of months ago a new batch of Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter was released as FUN Series #005. As I understand it, Karbach submitted the Roll in the Hay label first to the Texas ABC for approval, but then Roll in the Hay needed some extra time in the barrels so the second batch of Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter came out first. Thus far, the F.U.N. Series has been (in Karbach’s numbered order):

So how is it? In summary, really really good. With the work week coming up, it’s nice to sit back with a delicious beer; one you can just enjoy while watching TV and relaxing.


Roll in the Hay has a light oak scent with maybe a hint of citrus. It’s cloudy golden in color with a large white head. Prickly carbonation, slightly sour grapes, a tangy bit of lemon, and a lightly peppery finish. Another outstanding barrel-aged Karbach brew!


Where can you find it? Hopefully around Houston the next few weeks. I know Flying Saucer downtown is having an event July 2, while Hay Merchant will have their tapping July 3 and you will get to keep the Karbach glass it’s served in. This particular bottle came from my local HEB, so check the grocery stores too. I was able to pick up a second bottle to cellar when I stopped back today.

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