Karbach Brewing Co. Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

November 27th, 2012 by in Other Beer Reviews

Now that it’s after Thanksgiving, it’s really the Christmas season! Our tree is already up.

But that’s not the only reason for this post; on with the beer!

Named after one of the famous lines in the movie A Christmas Story, Yule Shoot Your Eye Out is Karbach Brewing Co.’s Christmas brew. A Christmas Story, however, is not really one of my favorite Christmas movies. This is more my cup of shugga’:

Here’s “R’s” Christmas letter to Santa printed on the side of the bottle:

Dear Santa,

I know I don’t deserve anything special this year, but there’s a really awesome beer I’d like to get my hands on called Yule Shoot Your Eye Out. I know my boss will tell you I really botched the Penske file and I forgot my anniversary (again), but I PROMISE I will be good if you could get me some of that beer. It’s loaded with specialty malts, fresh ginger, cocoa nibs, orange peel and other holiday spices. I heard Karbach only brews a limited quantity so if you could just think back to that year when I was SO good and you got me the BB gun, that would be great.

Respectfully yours, R

This 8% ABV ale is black with a tan head. A clean nose with some light chocolate and roasted scents. The dark chocolate and roasted flavors come out at first, but as the beer warms more of the flavors such as orange and ginger appear. It’s a very interesting drink and one that isn’t just a holiday spice bomb. Somewhat sticky mouthfeel and lightly carbonated.

In conclusion, this would be a nice beer to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with. However, I’ll be doing my usual avoiding of TBS on Christmas. There’s really no need for 24 hours of A Christmas Story.

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