Beer Fest B!tches!

July 24th, 2013 by in Other Beer Reviews

’tis the season. No, not Christmas. ’tis the season of wine and beer fests. So true, right? I attended probably my favorite beer fest to date a couple of weekends ago and I wanted to do a quick review.

The Summer Time Brews Fest is a yearly event in Greensboro, NC and it is a huge beer fest. There were so many breweries than I usually find at these events I could honestly not try them all. It was inside as well so we were all cool and not baking in the summer heat. Although the floors were sticky and covered in glass from people dropping their tasting glasses, I much preferred this. In the cool fall, I’ll always want to be outside, but when it is 100 and humid, I don’t want to try hella beers.

I got a little wasty face.

My advice for going to a beer fest? Wear comfortable shoes and cab it there. The end.




But I did remember to take some pictures of beers that impressed me or wow’d me and I did remember to tell you now that I think the Coronado Brewing Company is going to be the huge  up-in-coming brewery next. Their IPA is solid. Be on the lookout in your stores or bars in your area for this.

Look at this beer. 13%. wtf.


Or this red ale, which was awesome.


But my winners go to both of these beers by the Mad River Brewing Company. Their red ale and double IPA.


Seriously how good was this post? I just gave you a TON of new beers to keep an eye out for.


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