Full Out Disney: A Toast to SpectroMagic

July 3rd, 2013 by in Full Out Disney


I’m starting a new series on B&E. Sorry I didn’t tell you first Katie.

The question has been raised in the past whether we’re a Disney site that focuses on beer or a beer site that focuses on Disney. To me at least it depends on the day, although there’s a subtle difference. Today, however, I’m going full out Disney because I’d just like to wax about SpectroMagic a bit. So if you’re looking for a beer review, we’ll have more soon enough.

IMG_1974I was one of the fortunate ones whose childhood spanned both the latter part of the Main Street Electrical Parade’s initial run as well as SpectroMagic’s run. My first couple of trips featured the Main Street Electrical Parade with “Baroque Hoedown” filling the air. It was the early ’90s, when EPCOT Center still thrived, Downtown Disney was still called the Village, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had their own show at the end of the Streets of America in Disney-MGM Studios. To me, there was always something special about the Main Street Electrical Parade which is why I was thrilled to see it again this past trip.

However, SpectroMagic was the featured night parade for high school band trips (and every trip until this past one). While the music took a different, much less electronic turn with more fanfare, the lights and fiber-optics were better than ever. The parade was another evening spectacle and a very suitable replacement for the Main Street Electrical Parade. Those SpectroMen were a slight bit creepy, but that’s my only small complaint about it. Everything else was an upgrade technologically, and the parade still was an amazing sight. Personally, my favorite float is the musical instrument float with Goofy on timpani, Genie conducting, and Chip and Dale on the piano.


Let’s take a step back and recount how Main Street Electrical Parade came back into our lives (and how SpectroMagic was taken away). Summer Nightastic! was announced for Walt Disney World in the spring of 2010. Special Summer Nightastic! fireworks, special effects for the Tower of Terror, the return of Captain EO, and the Main Street Electrical Parade were the highlights of the event. Summer Nightastic! ended August 14, 2010, but by July the Disney Parks Blog announced that the Main Street Electrical Parade would continue to run. The lack of an end date for Main Street Electrical Parade may have been a hint. Rumors began to swirl about a new night parade to coincide with the opening of New Fantasyland. The return of SpectroMagic was also a constant rumor until the last week or so when reports started emerging that the SpectroMagic floats were unceremoniously destroyed and thrown into flatbed dumpsters.

IMG_1996We all know attractions at Walt Disney World are constantly changing. From Horizons to Mission: SPACE, World of Motion to Test Track, Mission to Mars to Alien Encounter to Stitch’s Great Escape, or Snow White’s Scary Adventures to Princess Fairytale Hall, changes are always possible at Walt Disney World. However, the unceremonious dumping of SpectroMagic left fans of the parade without any closure. No one knew for certain June 5, 2010 would be Spectro’s last run ever.

So here’s to you SpectroMagic; though you were robbed of a final run and a true farewell, you live on in fond memories, photos, and videos.

Finally, although I do enjoy the Main Street Electrical Parade immensely, I would love to see a new electrical parade using 2013 technology running down Main Street, USA. I think Disney could do some great things starting from scratch with a new electrical parade.

  • Jenn

    Obviously we’re around the same age 🙂 I grew up with Main Street Electrical Parade so it still has a place in my heart. I love the music, as electronic as it is. But then of course I just watched the video you posted of Spectro and omg I loved that music too. Definitely think that a new electrical parade will be awesome. Here’s hoping it happens sooner rather than later though.


  • Gary

    Happy to see the Main Street Electrical Parade back. Prefer it over Spectromagic.


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