Prairie/Evil Twin Bible Belt

May 8th, 2014 by in Other Beer Reviews


There aren’t a whole lot of breweries in Oklahoma, but Prairie Artisan Ales can run with the best of them. Today’s beer, Bible Belt, is a collaboration beer with Evil Twin (some of you may remember Evil Twin’s Soft Dookie was featured here a while back).


The formula for Bible Belt seems simple enough; take Evil Twin’s Even More Jesus imperial stout and age it with Prairie Bomb! spices. The label’s pretty funny too; lots of family portrait style drawings with the two brothers from Prairie and Jeppe from Evil Twin.

Lots of coffee, chocolate, and caramel in the nose. Deep black liquid with a brown head. Looks a bit like motor oil when poured from the bottle but smells so much better. Coffee and roasted malt up front with a lot of sweetness from the chocolate and vanilla. A bit of a spicy finish from the chilies and a light spicy burn lingers in the throat. Very thick liquid and light carbonation.

Sometimes collaboration beers don’t end up tasting as good as they sound, but Bible Belt is just delicious. This is a very big beer at 13% ABV, but it’s also very tasty. Prairie has a fairly wide distribution through Shelton Brothers. This was a somewhat limited release, but I’m hoping they make more because it’s one of the best stouts I’ve had.

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