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Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown

First and foremost. How many spelling errors do you think will be in this post? Second. I got a puppy. Third. (Thirdly?) Stock photo. Have I found my favorite beer? No. Because that’s like picking a favorite kid, you can’t, you love them equally. However, you do go through times/seasons, if you will, where you… → Read More

No Label Brewing Co. Don Jalapeño

This week is American Craft Beer Week across the country, and many places are holding special events and tastings with various beers. Often rare beers are released around this time; around here Saint Arnold just released Bishop’s Barrel #3 to bars and restaurants, while Karbach released another batch of its Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter. One thing… → Read More

Goose Island India Pale Ale

In 2011, the Goose Island brewery was sold by its owner to AB-InBev for $38.8 million because they couldn’t meet demand for their products. Until recently, Goose Island wasn’t available in Texas at all. However, three of their beers have now been introduced in stores. The three I saw in the store the other day were… → Read More

Dogfish Head Noble Rot

Dogfish Head Noble Rot is a saison-like beer that was one of Dogfish Head’s experiments. Two types of grape must, the freshly pressed grape juice normally used for wine making, were used in brewing this beer. First, viognier grape must must infected with botrytis, the “noble rot” itself, is sometimes used for dessert wines. The second… → Read More

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2013

Sasquatch is on the loose! One of the beers in Sierra Nevada’s High Altitude series, Bigfoot Barleywine-Style Ale was born the same year I was. Each year in the winter, Bigfoot comes out of hiding and onto store shelves. Each year’s batch is clearly dated and beer fans enjoy collecting each edition and aging them…. → Read More

Jester King El Cedro

Here’s another one of Jester King’s unique brews; El Cedro is described by Jester King as a hoppy cedar-aged ale with Brettanomyces. As far as I know, this is the first time Brettanomyces have been specifically mentioned on here so let’s dive in a little bit. Commonly referred to as Brett, Brettanomyces are a genus… → Read More

Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale

WTF? Wilco Tango Foxtrot isn’t the proper way to spell WTF in the military alphabet. Well, according to Lagunitas the word “whiskey” isn’t allowed on a beer label; therefore, the name of this beer had to use something other than whiskey. Lag started brewing this one in 2010 and calls it “a malty, robusty jobless… → Read More

Singlecut Eric More Cowbell Stout

I’ve got a fever…. and the only cure? From the Singlecut Beersmiths, who unfortunately I hadn’t heard of until we went to Ginger Man in NYC. The awesome name of the brew caught my eye first, and the review from the server sold me. I can you NOT want to try a beer that… → Read More

Westbend Winery AND Brewery

I think you all should come to NC. 1. I’m here. So… and 2. There are a ton of wineries! Now, this is not a wine blog. Believe me, sometimes I wish it were. But that’s okay, maybe one day. Scott? Anyway, the best thing about one of the best Yadkin Valley wineries is that… → Read More

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #12

Back in July, Saint Arnold’s Divine Reserve #12 came out and I picked up a six pack. Divine Reserve #12 is an old ale David Rogers, a homebrewer, entered into the 16th annual Big Batch Brew Bash and won the contest. Saint Arnold then used the recipe to brew its 12th entry in the Divine… → Read More

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