Safari Amber at the Outpost

January 30th, 2011 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

Stop #4, although not a ‘real’ pavilion, you can’t pass up the Outpost for some Safari Amber.

Surprisingly one of my favorites of the day, especially put in between Tsingtao in China and the sadly disappointing Altenmünster in Germany.  A little grainy and slightly sweet. Also found out it’s brewed exclusively for Disney (mainly Animal Kingdom).  Pretty cool.

And they really need to start serving different sized beers… these big servings are rough if you’re trying to Drink Around the World.. 🙂

  • Shane P

    Safari Amber at the Outpost beer! Just wodering who brews this beer since you say it is brewed only for Disney? P.S. Pretty solid beer!


    • Scott

      Turns out we’ve learned some things about Safari Amber since this was written two years ago. It’s brewed by AB-InBev and is the same beer as Rix Red Lager at Coronado Springs. It’s also probably the same beer as Reef Amber at Coral Reef but this isn’t verified.

      Also, it may be a beer AB-InBev markets to other (non-Disney) restaurants to sell under different names. This also is unverified.


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