Stoudt’s Pils

June 1st, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

Oh NBD. That’s just my cat drinking a pils. A fine pils might I add. Let’s discuss.

Stoudt’s brewery is located in Pennsylvania and was created by these loves named Ed and Carol Stoudt who apparently loved hella pils, because thats what they created. It’s been around since 1987 and not only did Carol and Eddie love beer, but Stoudt’s also makes gourmet coffee, kettle corn and florals arrangement. Random. But I read it on Wikipedia so it’s true.

I picked up this fine German pils because there aren’t a ton of pils and I don’t like IPAs which there are a ton of. I digress. I’m comparing this to the best pilsner ever, Lagunitas pils, which I’ll blog about tomorrow or something. And it isn’t as strong but it is good. Crisp. Not dark and ominous like the rain cloud of beer, the IPA. It goes down easy and must have a decent alcohol content because, I mean, read this article.

If you live in Pennsylvania you should probably go to this brewery because they have a ton of events that sound bomb. Here’s the link.

In finality. Try Stoudt’s pils after you try Lagunitas pils. Savvy?

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