Unibroue La Fin du Monde

June 3rd, 2011 by in Disneyland Resort Beer Reviews, Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

La Fin du Monde – “The End of the World” in French – is an absolutely delicious beer from Canada’s Unibroue. This brewery, although located in Quebec, concentrates on brewing beer in the Trappist tradition. In this case, La Fin du Monde isn’t referring to the Book of Revelations or the Flash animation (“Fire ze missiles!!”), but how European explorers thought North America was “the end of the world” when they discovered it. According to Unibroue this is the first Trappist tripel brewed in North America.

I haven’t had all that many tripels, but this one is the best of the ones I’ve had. Some fruit notes and some spice notes in the taste; throughout the flavor profile, however, is a total lack of alcohol. La Fin du Monde is a 9% ABV beer and it hides the alcohol very well. This goes down extremely smoothly and pleasantly.

With over a pint of beer in this large bottle, it’s also enough to keep you company for the evening.

Unibroue’s website is one of the best brewery websites I’ve seen so far. Here is their page for La Fin du Monde, including the legend behind the beer, description of the beer, food pairings, and even recipes to use La Fin du Monde in.

Yes, La Fin du Monde is available in Walt Disney World. Yes, it can be found in the Canada pavilion at Le Cellier. If you’re a fan of the Hollywood Brown Derby, it can also be found there.

Get this beer and give it a try. I think you’ll find it very tasty and refreshing.

  • Jason

    This is one of my personal favorites in the Tripel category as it’s price is not one to keep me away from it. I have seen this 750 ml bottle for about $8. I would say it’s a great Tripel gateway beer as there are many other Tripel’s that would be better, but yet their prices make it a little more difficult to spend that amount of money for 1 bottle of beer.
    On the WDW side of notes, I would suggest enjoying this great beer while you’re at Le Cellier as I did and just to warn you it still is 9% abv and you may not feel it at first, but you’ll feel nice and warm by the end of your meal thanks to this beer.


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