Unibroue Maudite

June 26th, 2011 by in Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

Maudite, French for “damned” (hence the devil on the bottom of the label), is a Belgian strong ale from those wonderful Canadians at Unibroue. 8% ABV blends in well with the flavors of this ale, consisting of some fruit and spice notes. It also has a note in it that I can’t quite describe but seems to be in all three of Unibroue’s brews I’ve had so far.

I can actually feel the warmth as the beer travels down to my stomach. This must be why the beer has the damned theme; the warmth is very nice.

Unibroue, as with all their beers, themes the labels to a legend. This particular beer’s theme is a legend called the “Chasse-Galerie” where lumberjacks made a deal with the devil to get home to their families for the holidays. They rode in a flying canoe, but one of the men backed out mid-flight and the canoe plummeted from the sky.

I think I’ve mentioned Unibroue’s website in each of my articles. The Maudite page is equally impressive.

Maudite, along with La Fin du Monde, are found in Le Ceiller in the Canada pavilion. Why these beers are hidden in Le Cellier I’m not sure. Disney, please sell Unibroue’s beers throughout the Canada pavilion; these beers are so good, they deserve to be front and center in the pavilion!

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