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June 19th, 2013 by in Walt Disney World Locations

IMG_5814Chef Mickey’s, how can I best describe it?

  • Loud (very loud)
  • Full of children (including my own on this particular Saturday evening)
  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto coming to each table
  • Random “celebration time” every so often with children spinning napkins in the air (yes, back to the children)

Sounds like the perfect place to enjoy a beer, right?

More like a place where you’ll need a beer (or five) to ease the tension…

Don’t get me wrong, the kids love Chef Mickey’s and it’s a good, if hectic, way to meet Mickey and his friends, but this isn’t your ideal beer location. I’d even hesitate to recommend the nearby Outer Rim Lounge; it’s still pretty boisterous being just outside Chef Mickey’s.

So, what beer does Chef Mickey’s serve?



This is the standard Walt Disney World beer menu found in the drinks menu on each table. You’ll see that it’s full of the standard macro brews along with some more interesting choices. Since it’s primarily a restaurant for the kids, going above and beyond this menu doesn’t seem to be a priority.

On Monday I reviewed the beer I tried at Chef Mickey’s, Napa Smith Organic IPA. Since it’s on the above menu, it should be fairly easy to find.

As far as the food goes, it’s fairly standard buffet fare. The carving station probably has the best food with beef and turkey. The kids will enjoy the Mickeyroni and cheese and other selections. None of our party found the boiled shrimp very good; perhaps it was just a bad night for the shrimp. The dessert is pretty good, especially the Mickey ear-shaped chocolate mousse on an Oreo.

Let’s face it, if you’re going to Chef Mickey’s, it’s probably not for the adults. It’s for the kids, and they’ll love it. Just look at these faces. In addition to the characters, the kids (and hey, I did too) loved watching the monorail pass every few minutes. Because of Chef Mickey’s, my youngest waved to the monorail every time it passed for the rest of the trip.

As far as value goes, there are better places to eat for less money, and it’s certainly not the place to relax with a beer. Looking for fun with the kids? Chef Mickey’s might be your place. Otherwise, have a beer somewhere besides Chef Mickey’s, or perhaps the entire Grand Canyon Concourse of the Contemporary since the Chef Mickey’s noise fills the air. Although I didn’t get to visit this trip, The Wave might be a better choice in the Contemporary for a beer.

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