Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel 6

February 20th, 2014 by in Other Beer Reviews

Bishop's Barrel 6

Pumpkin beer in February? Isn’t it a bit late for pumpkin beer?

Not when it’s this damn good.

Rumkinator Back LabelOn Monday (February 17, 2014), Saint Arnold released Bishop’s Barrel 6, their latest in a series of barrel aged beers. It’s already earned the nickname Rumkinator because it’s Pumpkinator (quite possibly my favorite Saint Arnold beer) aged in Appleton Estate rum barrels for nearly nine months.

Rumkinator, weighing in at 13% ABV, is a deep dark brown with very little head. Lots of spices and a hint of rum in the scent. Spices are less intense than a fresh Pumpkinator but still very flavorful. Rum definitely comes through in the flavor also but it fits in well; the alcohol taste is definitely from the rum as opposed to the beer itself. Light carbonation and thick body. An absolutely wonderful beer.

Unfortunately, if you’re not in Texas or Louisiana you probably won’t find this. It’s also only served at bars and restaurants; no bottles are released to stores. The Avenue in NOLA tends to hang onto Bishop’s Barrel releases for quite a while. Most Houston bars sell out fairly quickly and/or hold onto some for vertical tastings and such later. If you do run across some Bishop’s Barrel 6, I highly recommend grabbing a bottle because…


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