Anaheim Hefeweizen and Some Carthay Circle Grub

March 6th, 2014 by in Disneyland Resort Beer Reviews

Every trip to Disneyland, at least for me, requires a stop or two at Carthay Circle Restaurant.  Plus the lounge, but that’s for another post.  On our last trip, I was determined to try something I haven’t had before and, in true Jenn fashion, the hefeweizen jumped out at me. According to Anaheim Brewery’s website, the hefeweizen is a traditonal unfiltered German-style wheat beer, giving it a hazy appearance. They use a special yeast to give the beer a subtle clove aroma and a fruity hint of banana. The clove and banana combination is what really caught my eye since I love both.


When the beer was poured, I could immediately smell hints of both the cloves and bananas.  First sip brought out the banana flavor first, but subtle enough to not be overpowering.  The final taste that I was hit with was the faint taste of cloves and spices.  Reminded me of a beer that would be fabulous on a tropical island, but better.  Very easy to drink and I would have ordered more throughout dinner but I had a half marathon to run the next morning so didn’t want to go too overboard.  It’s considered carb loading, right?


Would I order this again?  In a heartbeat.  So if you guys are deciding what to drink in DCA at Carthay Circle, don’t hesitate to order this! FYI, the tasting room at Anaheim Brewery is literally less than a 10 min drive from Disneyland so if you find yourself with a few extra hours to kill, I’d stop by! I didn’t get a chance to write down or photograph the menus that we had for our dinner and of course, the menus have all completely changed since.  So instead, I’m just going to say that dinner at Carthay has NEVER disappointed.  Here’s just a few photos of our meal!







  • Dean Finder

    I was surprised that it looks so clear. Most West Coast hefs follow the Widmer Bros style of cloudy with low clove and banana. That looks more like the traditional German style, which is clearer with more banana and clove.
    Many people hate that banana ester. Sadly, my wife is one of them.


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