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2013 Disney Beer Tournament Round 3 (Sweet 16)

In just one week we’ve gone from 64 beers to only sixteen! Here’s the bracket as we head into the third round of the 2013 Disney Beer Tournament! Voting ends at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 27, 2013. Let’s see who’s left in the Mickey region! The first matchup pits the two remaining beers from… → Read More

2013 Disney Beer Tournament Round Two

The first round of our 2013 Disney Beer Tournament has come and gone, and the field of 64 has been swiftly cut down to 32. A couple of trends so far: Ciders did not do well in the tournament. Despite the presence of four ciders in the tournament, none of the four advanced to the… → Read More

2013 Disney Beer Tournament Round One

Happy Hunger Games Disney Beer Tournament! 64 beers have been entered as tribute, but only one can be crowned the Disney Beer Tournament champion. You may recall this was the Walt Disney World Beer Tournament last year. Since we’ve expanded to include a Disneyland Resort Beer List and an Epcot Food and Wine Festival Beer List,… → Read More

Westbend Winery AND Brewery

I think you all should come to NC. 1. I’m here. So… and 2. There are a ton of wineries! Now, this is not a wine blog. Believe me, sometimes I wish it were. But that’s okay, maybe one day. Scott? Anyway, the best thing about one of the best Yadkin Valley wineries is that… → Read More

My First Homebrewing Experience Part 3 (The Beer!)

A long, long time ago (December) I wrote about brewing my first batch of homebrew (part 1 and part 2). Now it’s time to drink the fruits of my labor! After finishing the wonderful bottling process, the instructions recommended letting the beer carbonate for two weeks. With Christmas, illness, and everything else going on in… → Read More

The 2012 Brewsies!

That’s right, we’re back with another installment of the Brewsies! Today is our two year anniversary and it’s time for everyone’s favorite fake awards! Here we go… Furthest trip to visit a brewery: Katie traveled all the way to Petaluma, CA to visit the Lagunitas brewery! Shortest trip to visit a brewery: Scott stayed in Houston… → Read More

My First Homebrewing Experience Part 2

Ken was right; bottling is basically the worst. This kit didn’t come with a secondary fermenter, so the fermentation all occurred in the primary fermenter over two weeks. I brought the fermenter out and put it on the counter, opening the lid. It smells pretty good, but first the bottles and equipment need to be sanitized. Clean… → Read More

My First Homebrewing Experience Part 1

The other night I started on my first batch of homebrewed beer. A few weeks ago LivingSocial had a deal for a fairly inexpensive homebrewing starter kit from Midwest Supplies. I took them up on the offer and a few days later had a homebrewing kit at my door. The biggest pot I had in… → Read More

Saint Arnold Brewery Tour

You may have been expecting the next installment of my visit to The Avenue in New Orleans, but I’ll get back to that soon. On Saturday I visited Saint Arnold Brewing Company for my birthday; it’s just north of downtown Houston and is located at 2000 Lyons Ave. Saint Arnold hosts tours every day except… → Read More

Houston Beer Fest 2012

On Saturday, June 9, 2012, the second annual Houston Beer Fest was held in downtown Houston. I couldn’t make it the first year (Lindsay and Jackie tried to go, more on that in a minute), but this year my schedule was wide open and I was outside of City Hall drinking lots of delicious beer…. → Read More

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