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Irish Coffee Stout

Lift Bridge – Irish Coffee Stout

Stillwater, Minnesota is a small historic town on the river near the Minnesota and Wisconsin border. Stillwater has its reputation of having a great line up of eating establishments near the river. On March 10th Lift Bridge brewery, Stillwater’s first brewery since prohibition held a release event for their new Irish Coffee Stout. The Irish… → Read More

Beers and Ears Version 3.0!

If you visited the site yesterday, you may have seen the “soft opening” of Beers and Ears version 3.0. Over the past couple of months the site has been rebuilt from scratch to take advantage of advances in web technology and to provide a more consistent appearance. The general structure of the site is very… → Read More

The First Annual Brewsies!

Today we’re celebrating something special. No, we’re not celebrating Dame Judi Dench’s birthday! However, without her we wouldn’t be thanking the Phonecians, so happy birthday! The real cause for celebration today is that it’s our 1 year anniversary! To celebrate, we’re having a sort of awards show. Unfortunately, we have no budget for such an… → Read More

The Beer Necessities

This is probably not necessary for most readers of this site, but I decided to spend some time going through the beer basics.  Specifically what the differences are between all the different types of beer and why you sometimes get weird looking glasses to drink said beer out of. If you know all of this stuff,… → Read More

Coolest Car Ever!

We stopped at a local beer & wine shop in Maryland and saw this car. Not only was it my favorite color; it even has a tap built in! Shock Top beer is great too!

Taco Mac – Beer Lovers Heaven

Just down the street from my house, and in locations across the wide expanse of metro Atlanta lies Taco Mac. It is a beer lover’s paradise. Here’s a picture of only the draught beer menu. There’s nearly 100 beers on tap. Try double that available in bottles. And people wonder why we love coming here…. → Read More

Welcome to Beers and Ears

Here at Beers and Ears we’ve assembled a bunch of Disney and beer fans to discuss beer, Disney parks, and anything related to one or both.  For the past few months, a series of tweets went back and forth among this group of Disney fans tagged #beermouse.  These tweets contained a photo of a beer and… → Read More

The Best Glass Ever

As noted in my Wells Bombardier post, the Flying Saucer in Houston has a glass night every Wednesday.  Usually the glass is for a specific brewery; for example, around this time last year one Wednesday the Saucer had a Spaten holiday pilsner.  Most are glasses printed with a brewery’s logo.  This one, however, stole the… → Read More

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