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Harpoon Brewery Tour

When most people think of beer brewing in Boston, the first thing that comes to mind is Samuel Adams.  However, there are a few other beer brewers that call Boston home, one of them is Harpoon. Harpoon brewery is located near the seaport in Boston.  It was founded in 1986 by Rich Doyle, Dan Kenary and… → Read More

Craft Beer Corner – Hops Burger Bar Greensboro, NC

I’m starting a new series on B&E. Sorry I didn’t tell you before Scott. And I’m excited! It’s called Craft Beer Corner where we can review restaurants/bars/shacks/whatever local to us or not that boast to serve primarily the craft beer. The B&E type beer. The KIDANIKATIE worthy beer. *shakes fist at sky* I had this… → Read More

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