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Hakim Stout

It’s official, I have found a new awesome place to drink at Disney.  Why has no one let me know about Dawa Bar before????  I mean, I knew it was there, I saw it whenever I walked by at Animal Kingdom.  But, after having a beer or two, I can see myself drinking there on… → Read More


Five beers are served in the Mexico pavilion, and we’ve reviewed four of them. Tecate is the fifth, and it’s another beer brewed by Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery. Apparently the Mexico pavilion doesn’t feel the need to branch out to other Mexican breweries such as Grupo Modelo or something even more exotic. Tecate pours a very Bud… → Read More

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Oregon is ranked fourth nationally in craft breweries per capita and is a state known for beer-friendly laws. It’s no surprise, then, that many great craft breweries have been founded there. Among them is Rogue Ales, which started as a brewpub in Ashland, OR and has since expanded to a number of brewpubs in Oregon,… → Read More

Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen

Today begins American Craft Beer Week, a week-long celebration of the smaller, independent brewers in the United States. Restaurants, bars, and breweries all over the country will be having special events this week to celebrate. Since 1984, the Widmer Brothers have been brewing craft beer in Portland, Oregon. Two years later, the brothers released their… → Read More

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Torpedo is a bit of a strange name for a beer. Just by looking at the label it doesn’t make much sense since it’s the Sierra Nevada logo with Torpedo written under it. No real hints there. So why Torpedo? Here’s the description straight from the Sierra Nevada website: Our obsession with harnessing huge hop… → Read More


From the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery in Mexico, the brewer responsible for Sol, Dos Equis, Tecate and others, comes Bohemia. Bohemia is a pilsner that gets its name from the region that is now part of the Czech Republic. This region is well known for its brewing and is the birthplace of the pilsner. Bohemia is a… → Read More


Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown ale falls into the Norther English Brown ale style of beers. This style is usually made from a English mild or a pale ale base malt, with caramel malts added for color and flavor. Some styles do add a darker malt for distinct flavor character. If it doesn’t have English hop varieties than… → Read More


Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

My first impression of the Kellerweis was wow, this is good and is a perfect representation of an American Hefeweizen beer. Then after my first sip I was bummed as I always forget to roll my wheat beer bottles before I pour them. When serving your wheat beers they should be cloudy and not able… → Read More

Ichi for short?

Kirin Ichiban

Now I have to admit I did not have too much knowledge about this brewery or beer. Then on my trip to Trader Joe’s I found they have a few of these. I couldn’t help myself but pick a couple of bottles up since one of my favorite things about TJ’s is they sell the… → Read More



Here I go again, taking one for the team. Corona is actually an interesting beer when you consider the history and even look at the beer style this fits into. Before I bore you all to sleep, that is if you are still reading this. Corona as we all know is made in Mexico, but… → Read More

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