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Coors Light

“Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra.” I had to be reminded of the beer choices; they were that bad. However, in my head the waitress said: I had already consumed a Bud Light and a Michelob Ultra and it was time for a third beer. The choices were narrowing, but I decided to… → Read More

Norther Brewer


Aroma:    Not as skunky as I was expecting. Almost no skunky aroma. There is plenty of sweet pale malt aroma with some corn sweetness. Light floral presence in the nose, but if this beer gets too much light those hops oils will convert to skunk. Note, drink fast if you’re outside or the sun… → Read More

Michelob Ultra

In case you didn’t read yesterday’s Bud Light article, here is a recap of the events that led to this review in rage comic format. After first having the Bud Light, I thought even among these less than satisfactory beers it could only get better. Fortunately, I was correct. I next ordered a Michelob Ultra…. → Read More

The Lightest Dam beer?

Amstel Light

I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a light lager style beer, but while working on a project for this site I noticed this beer hadn’t been reviewed so I took one for the team and picked up a couple of bottles while I was at Trader Joe’s last night. OK my side… → Read More

Bud Light

When life gives you poor beer choices, make lemonade? There’s some sort of catchphrase to be made from the experience I had last Friday. We’ll get to that story in a few moments. To many in college, buying a keg of Bud Light for a party is “splurging”, as in they’re not buying Natty Light… → Read More

Tusker Premium Lager

It was a whirlwind Animal Kingdom/Animal Kingdom Lodge day for us and we decided to end our adventure at Victoria Falls Lounge.  We had an awesome bartender to make the event that much more enjoyable. Tusker is brewed by East African Breweries Limited…the behemoth in East African beer.  They own 80% of Kenya Breweries, 98.2%… → Read More

Mythos Hellenic Lager

I’ve never reviewed any of the Greek beers at Disney??  How is that possible?  Such a disgrace to my heritage. While at Kouzzina on my last trip, I had the option of Mythos or Alpha and this time around I chose the Mythos. Now I will preface this by saying that my Greek people are… → Read More


I went out for my wife’s birthday at a nearby sushi restaurant and ordered a Sapporo to go with our sushi. Sapporo is named for the Japanese city it calls home. The city Sapporo is the fourth-largest city in Japan and was host of the 1972 Winter Olympics. The brewery was founded in 1876 and… → Read More


Last night I bought a pick 6 from the grocery store with some new beers to try. One of them is Sol, a staple of the Mexico pavilion in World Showcase. Sol is brewed by the Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Brewery; a brewer of many Mexican beers Americans are familiar with including Dos Equis and Tecate. Sol seems to… → Read More

Carlsberg: It’s Danish!

Don’t call it a comeback; I’ve been here for years.  Still rockin’ my beer;  puttin’ suckers in fear.  You’re right, that’s enough of that.  What I’m trying to say through the poetry that is LL Cool J’s introspective “Mama Said Knock You Out” is that I haven’t been writing here too much lately.  I would like… → Read More

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