Pearl Jam Twenty Faithfull Ale

December 22nd, 2011 by in Other Beer Reviews

Let me tell you a story. And no, not about Mr. Faded Glory. (If you got that, you are a damn worthy of drinking the beer I’m about to review.)

No really, let me tell you a story. I’ve got a brother. He’s a tad older than me and thus he taught me everything I know about music. Yeah, I had my fair share of NSYNC, Hanson and crap; but my bro taught me the good stuff. I can remember being 4 years old and screaming Led Zeppelin’s Tangerine at the top of my lungs from downstairs. I can remember singing Daughter by Pearl Jam on the way home from the bus stop.

What I’m trying to get across is that music is a huge part of my life. In fact, in runs my life. Good music, good lyrics; they have always helped me through; to get across what I was trying to say, understand how I was feeling. And one of my favorites, if not my favorite band of all time is Pearl Jam.

I decided I’m not going to get into this huge thing about how I believe they are the best to come out of the Seattle grunge bands. I believe it, but I won’t here. All I can say, is Eddie and the boys have never stopped. They keep evolving. Keep writing. Keep making beautiful music. Their stuff has gotten me through insanely hard times. Some of my favorite times, just talking music with my brother. Going to concerts. Damn. If I haven’t gotten through to you yet: music is my soul.

For their twentieth Pearl Jam did a few shows, released a bomb documentary and this brew through Dogfish Head. I had to try it of course. It comes in a pint, is 7% ABV and is pretty darn good. It certainly isn’t the best brew I’ve ever had, I’ll admit, but it drinks SO easy.

So I reviewed the beer. Yay. Try it. But I’d like to end this post with a couple things.

Love good music. Own it. Listen to the lyrics. Let the composition take you away. If you want to cry, put on a good song. If you want to laugh, put on another. TURN OFF THE STUPID RADIO HITS AND FIND A GOOD BAND. Lose yourself in it. Let it change your life.

My tattoo. Pearl Jam lyrics. I mean… like a boss.

This Youtube video clip of PJ actually WRITING Daughter on a tour bus. I’m sorry but I can’t do this. It is that cool.

I’ll leave you with these lyrics. And try the darn beer.

What used to be a house of cards
Has turned into a reservoir
Save the tears that were waterfalling
Let’s go swim tonight, darling
And once outside the undertow
Just you and me, and nothing more
If not for love, I would be drowning
I’ve seen it work both ways
But I am up riding high amongst the waves
Where I can feel like I have a soul that has been saved
Where I can feel like I’ve put away my early grave
I gotta say it now
Better loud than too late

Pearl Jam-Amongst the Waves

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