Lah-goo-knee-tuss Imperial Red

March 5th, 2012 by in Other Beer Reviews

Wow, I’m totally schwasted right now. Which means only one thing…. Lagunitas is back!

Me and Lagunitas have been taking a break and it’s been difficult. It’s been months! Lag texts me when it’s drunk, I tell it that every beer I’ve had by them lately sucks, then I stalk it on Facebook, what a vicious cycle! I really do think it was seeing someone else. How could it?! So for a long time I thought I was over it, but of course when I least expect it, it put on a suit, brought over calla lilies and a mix tape, and brought me some Imperial Red. I fell head first all over again. You so handsome, Red! Kiss. Call me, boo!

We are so cute together! And dear reader, don’t even yell at me, I have been trying to write posts. But every beer I’ve had lately by the Petaluma brewery has been so bad that the draft posts have gone like so:

Ew. Lagunitas Harry Eyeball. Tastes like diaper. The end.

Not much to it.

But for the past few days me and Red have been dating again and it has been magic! The best part about Red is that it admits his flaws. Check the label.

So modest!

It’s kind of like an IPA, 7.8 ABV, way-too-effing-expense-for-a-six-pack, and one of the best Lagunitas brews I’ve had. It is like the middle ground between Sumpin’ Wild and Pils. Check it out. My local total wine is carrying it, so it can’t be that hard to find. I suppose ze ol’ Lag is becoming common place!

So are you looking for the perfect date? Maybe looking to fall in beautiful love? Swoon city! Fellas and ladies alike- check out Red! It may not be a savvy blond who is a bomb beer blogger and now owns incredibly adorable hipster boots (that’s me silly!) , but it is darling!

Aren’t my boots cute?


Until next time, dears! Red and I have a hot date!



Oh Red… stop… *giggle*

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