The 2014 Disney Beer Tournament – The Champion!

April 7th, 2014 by in Beer Culture, Walt Disney World Beer Reviews

The Disney Beer Tournament championship round was interesting to say the least. Let’s start, as usual, with tweets and such.

Greg here loves a lot of things.

Sad Duffy is the Disney version of a sad panda.

At least one of you was disappointed Chimay lost. The Chimay supporters were pretty quiet for the most part.

Plenty of supporters on both sides of the contest.

That’s not for us to say Tammy.

You all have been accused of East Coast bias! To be honest, the whole site is East Coast biased because Disney World has a lot more beer than Disneyland. Our Disneyland info is more sporadic as well.

For a while Three Philosophers was leading by a healthy margin. Things took a turn on Friday when this happened:

A similar post was put on Facebook and the result could only be described as… the deluge.


With 28,000+ Twitter followers and 38,000+ Facebook likes, a frenzy of votes for Jai Alai started coming in.

An Ommegang Twitter account out of Washington, DC tried to fight back.

The main Ommegang accounts, with 34,000+ Twitter followers and 46,000+ Facebook likes, could not be stirred. It was probably a busy weekend for them with the Game of Thrones season 4 premiere and their new Fire and Blood ale.

Some of you were not pleased.

Championship-commentsSome of you tried to keep Three Philosophers going.

But when it was all said and done, Three Philosophers couldn’t withstand the power of the Cigar City social media following. With 79% of votes entered, the champion of the 2014 Disney Beer Tournament is Cigar City Jai Alai IPA!


As of this writing, Jai Alai can be found in several Walt Disney World locations including Crew’s Cup Lounge at the Yacht Club and the ESPN Club on the BoardWalk.

The 2014 edition of the Disney Beer Tournament has by far been the biggest with over 13,000 votes over the course of the tournament. All the interaction and comments have been wonderful and we’ve had a ton of fun bringing the tournament to you all this year. Hopefully next year will be just as much fun!

  • Keith

    Not my first choice, but Jai Alai is a worthy champion….in fact, the whole Final 4 were excellent beers. Hoping Dead Guy makes a comeback next year to claim that elusive crown.


  • Tom

    I voted for Three Philosophers due to it’s uniqueness…Jai Alai is a terrific IPA but the market is flooded with very good IPA’s these days…hard to keep up with all the great new releases. .


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