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Carlsberg: It’s Danish!

Don’t call it a comeback; I’ve been here for years.  Still rockin’ my beer;  puttin’ suckers in fear.  You’re right, that’s enough of that.  What I’m trying to say through the poetry that is LL Cool J’s introspective “Mama Said Knock You Out” is that I haven’t been writing here too much lately.  I would like… → Read More

Virtual Tasting – Harp Lager and Kona Fire Rock Ale

We’re long overdue for a virtual tasting; in this installment we’re sampling Harp Lager and Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale. Both are found in various locations at the Walt Disney World Resort, and Fire Rock is being featured at the Craft Beer Collection booth during the 2011 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Harp Lager:… → Read More


Anyone care to guess what Germany’s number one draught beer is?  Let’s see, I heard Beck’s…wrong.  No, Lowenbrau’s not it either.  Heineken is Dutch, so that’s wrong.  Okay, okay stop yelling at the computer, I’ll tell you…it’s Bitburger! So you probably guessed that by the title of this post, but have you ever had one? … → Read More

Peroni Nastro Azzuro

When I say Italy, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Art, architecture, wine, Ferraris, hairy men that talk with their hands (I’m kidding…sorta)?  Where does beer fall on that list?  Pretty far down, right?  Why so many questions, will there be a quiz later?  Yes, yes there will. Peroni is Italy’s number 1… → Read More

Moosehead Lager

Happy Canada Day!  As an American, I can only assume that Canada Day is a day that Canadians worship the US (U-S-A, U-S A) or something like that.  It may also be the anniversary of the day in 1867 that Canada was formed as a country within the British Empire.  Alternatively it could be a… → Read More

Guinness: Black Gold of the Irish

Guinness.  Do you even need any more?  Yes, yes you do. This is a special post for me because Guinness Stout is my mostest favoritest beer ever.  Sure I love almost all beers (unless they say things like “with a touch of lime”), but Guinness is the one that never lets me down. There are… → Read More

The Beer Necessities

This is probably not necessary for most readers of this site, but I decided to spend some time going through the beer basics.  Specifically what the differences are between all the different types of beer and why you sometimes get weird looking glasses to drink said beer out of. If you know all of this stuff,… → Read More

America’s Oldest Brewery

  Hi there! Since this is my first post on this fantastic site, I’m going to introduce myself as briefly as I can before I get into the good stuff. First, the Cliffs Notes of my background that may be relevant here: I own a company that organizes and leads tours to mostly European destinations… → Read More

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