The 2015 Disney Beer Tournament – Fourth Round

March 26th, 2015 by in Beer Culture

Note: The fourth round is now closed! Please vote in the fifth round of the 2015 Disney Beer Tournament!


In just a week and a half, 64 beers have been reduced to eight!

Most of the matches in the third round were close ones. Let’s look at what you had to say.

Timehop gave us this lovely reminder.

Via Napoli wasn’t pleased with La Rossa’s pairing.


You’ve probably already figured out the results from the photo at the top, but here’s the updated bracket.

2015-Beer-Tournament-Round-4Let’s get into the regions and see who’s battling for the regional championships! Voting for the Elite Eight round will end Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM Central Daylight Time.

2015-Beer-Tournament-Round-4-MickeyIn the Mickey region, one of the gems of the Walt Disney World expanded beer menu, St. Bernardus Abt 12, is facing Bell’s Oberon. Oberon is one of the beers that’s helped the American Adventure pavilion at Epcot have a better craft beer selection!

Who wins the Mickey region? Vote now!


The Minnie region comes down to Ommegang Three Philosophers, a beer that’s not widely known to be at Walt Disney World, but we’ve seen it at California Grill, Citricos, and Il Mulino. It faces Rogue Dead Guy Ale, which would fit in perfectly at Pirates of the Caribbean but has been featured at Todd English’s bluezoo and Raglan Road.

The Minnie region needs a champion! Who will you choose?


The Donald region comes down to a battle of the imperial IPAs! Dogfish Head 90 Minute has had the easiest road so far, but Napa Smith Hopageddon is a beer found around the deluxe Walt Disney World resorts as well as in multiple locations at Disney’s California Adventure.

Does the number one seed become the Donald region champion? Or will the bicoastal beer pull through? Vote now!


Chimay Blue narrowly beat Trois Pistoles to make it to the Goofy region final. It’s another bicoastal beer; it can be found in several places at Walt Disney World and at the UVA Bar in Downtown Disney Anaheim. Its opponent is Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, the third bicoastal beer in the Elite Eight. Sculpin is featured at California Grill in Walt Disney World and the Sonoma Terrace in Disney’s California Adventure!

One more regional champion must be crowned! Who will win the Goofy region?

For those of you keeping track, the Elite Eight beers consist of two imperial IPAs, one IPA, two quadrupels, a wheat beer, and a maibock.

Votes must be in by 6:00 PM Central Daylight Time on Sunday, March 29, 2015. On Monday morning we’ll find out the Final Four!

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